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Headteacher's Welcome

Akiva College offers a holistic approach to education. We focus not only on instilling knowledge, but on cultivating traditional Jewish values.

We embrace an active hands-on approach, encouraging each child to discover their own unique potential. We want our students to love school and learn the skills that will one day equip them to be wholesome adults contributing positively to the society in which they live.

Our staff works as a team which benefits the students by creating an atmosphere for learning and a place where students are encouraged to engage with our teachers on many levels. The school is constantly embracing new and exciting ways to assist learners by bringing in specialist support where necessary and by working closely with these specialists/therapists to ensure that each child receives everything he/she need to thrive.

Lynn Ducasse, Principal

Head of Jewish Studies

Gilad believes that Jewish education is not just about the imparting of content relevant to Judaism, but more importantly it is about the transferring of values that link our people all the way back to Sinai.


Jewish educators have the awesome responsibility of threading together the values that create a Jewish identity. We need to enable our learners to create their own relationship and personal narrative with their Judaism, connecting themselves, G-d and the Torah and Israel.

Gilad Friedman , Head of Jewish Studies

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