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Our Academics

Curriculum & Philosophy

The school has a Jewish Identity and this ethos is carried throughout the day by cross curriculum teaching.  The General Studies Programme follows a programme which works within the framework of the CAPS Document as directed by the Educational Department. The curriculum is extended by developing IEB principles of critical thinking, research and independent learning. The Limudei Kosesh Curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of the Jewish community in Durban.


Akiva College employs a variety of innovative educational techniques to inspire learning and critical thinking.  We aim to foster a sense of self-confidence, and motivate each student in striving to achieve their full potential.  The school is sensitive to individual needs and supports inclusive education as far as it is viable within the school context.  We believe that children are inspired by nurture, care supportive Parents, Professional teachers and a stimulating and creative learning environment.

Unique Approach


  • Recognise each child as an individual learner with unique characteristics, styles of learning, talents and needs

  • Enable each child to reach his or her highest level of intellectual ability by fostering a thirst for knowledge and developing the skills to obtain that knowledge

  • Develop the individual needs, experiences, abilities and interests of each and every child

  • Provide a secure, stimulating and nurturing environment

  • Implement a variety of innovative, creative educational techniques and systems

  • Welcome every family as a partner and develop supportive relationships between teachers, students and parents

  • Weave Jewish belief, observance and experience into daily learning

  • Teach social and moral values, and in doing so, promote a Jewish identity.

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